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"Great River"


The Kittan Chapter was established in 2001. Kittan means "Great River" in the language of the Lenni-Lenape. The Order of the Arrow has played an important role in the Chicago Area Councils' Scouting program for 85 years.

The Kittan Chapter, it's purpose, program, and especially our membership, is a natural extension of Scouting itself. It stems from a mutual desire of its members to serve a program they greatly admire, respect, and believe in. The unique attraction of the Order is its combination of inspiration, fellowship, and fun that attracts and holds, in dedicated service and devotion, River Trails District finest youth and adults members.



Upcoming Meetings
Owasippe Lodge Executive Committee Meeting
Wednesday, March 4th 2009
Chicago Tribune Freedom Center
777 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60610
7:30 p.m. prompt start time
Kittan Chapter Meeting
Monday, March 23rd 2009
Five Holy Martyrs (parish hall)
4327 So. Richmond St.
Chicago, IL 60632
7:30 p.m. prompt start time


Chapter Service Project 


The Order of the Arrow, Kittan Chapter is requesting all Arrowmen to help collect pop can tabs.  This is a service project that will be on going throughout the 2007-2008 Scouting program year.  The goal is to collect a sizeable amount of pop can tabs that will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House to help off-set cost of special medical treatment for children.  On average, one empty milk jug full of pop can tabs will provide one child 30 minutes of treatment such as chemotherapy for free.    


In addition, the tabs from vegetable, soup and/or pet food cans also will be accepted.   


Pop can tabs can be dropped off at all O/A Kittan Chapter Meetings or District Roundtable Meetings.  For more information please contact Kittan Chapter Adviser, Daniel C. Stegvilas, Sr. at (773) 247-6533


2007 Owasippe Lodge Winter Banquet

Above Picture
Top Row: Michael L. Bettenhausen, Richard John Memenga, and Lodge Vice-Chief of Unit Elections Richard James Memenga  Middle Row: Stanley Yuska, Michael J. Bettenhausen, Randy V. Etapa, and Daniel C. Stegvilas Sr. Bottom Row: John Tyeptaner and Cynthia Walowski 


2006 Owasippe Lodge Winter Banquet

Above Picture

Top Row: Owasippe Lodge Chief, Kevin Harper; Edward Melkonian; Joey Donfrio; Kittan Chapter Chief, Richard James Memenga; James Koziel; and Richard John Memenga.  Middle Row: Patrick "Beaver" Romcoe; Jesse Sarabia; Kittan Chapter Adviser, Daniel C. Stegvilas Sr.; Michael L. Bettenhausen; and Owasippe Lodge Adviser, Ted Kumzi.  Bottom Row: Former 1961 National Chief, Ronald Temple; Randy Etapa; Cynthia Walowski; and John Tyeptaner.  Not Pictured: Lodge Vice-Chief of Camp Promotions, Christopher Zelis 


2006 Owasippe Lodge Spring Fellowship

Above Picture
Cynthia Walowski and Randy V. Etapa


2009 Owasippe Lodge Dues

We are currently accepting 2009 lodge dues from all members. The cost for dues will be $ 11.00 if paid before March 15th 2008.  If dues are paid after the March 15th the cost will be $ 13.00.  All arrowmen will be subjected to rhe $ 2.00 late fee, if dues are late. 

Remember, in order for an Arrowman to maintain his/her active membership status in the Order of the Arrow, Owasippe Lodge an Arrowman must be a current dues paid member. If your membership had lapsed you are no longer an active member of the Order of the Arrow. So, if your 2009 dues have not been paid yet, your membership in the O/A has long been lapsed.

This year upon submitting your dues with your registration form it will be very important to list your Scouting I.D. number on the form. This will make your 2009 registration get processed a lot quicker. This new change will help verify that all Arrowman are current members of the BSA and ensure the safety of our members.

This year the Kittan Chapter highly recommends that any and all payment transactions for 2009 lodge dues and/or events be paid directly through the chapter. This will also ensure for faster processing. As a reminder for those who still wish to pay at the CAC Service Center to save their receipt of payment and make a copy for our chapter records.

This year the Kittan Chapter is asking the units of River Trails District to help in the Owasippe Lodge Dues process. We ask all Scoutmasters to collect 2009 lodge dues from all known Arrowmen in their unit. This can easily been done upon your unit’s recharter process and once collected the dues can be turned in at an upcoming roundtable meeting to a Kittan Chapter representative.

2009 Owasippe Lodge Registration Dues forms will be made available at all chapter meetings and roundtable meetings.  Forms can also be downloaded right here. 

2009 Owasippe Lodge Registration Form

Please make checks payable to: Chicago Area Council, BSA

Help us achieve our 2009 chapter goal and make receiving the Hand of Service a reality.











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