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The Commissioners Pledge

On my honor I will do my best, by example in my daily life to make the Scout Oath and Law a more vital force for good character and citizenship in the lives of the youth and leaders I serve.

I will do my best to help secure, and to help make effective, the finest possible leadership for the units I serve.

I will do my best to help make the program of the units I serve the best they can be, rich in wholesome fun and adventure.

In all that I do, I will strive to help my units attract into membership every qualified youth so that through their participation, those youth can help make America a finer, greater nation in the world community.



River Trails District Commissioner Staff

District Commissioner
James Koziel

Assistant District Commissioner's
Ed Leahy
Daniel C. Stegvilas, Sr.

Unit Commissioner's
Cynthia Walowski
Richard John Memenga

Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Randy V. Etapa

Boy Scout Roundtable Staff
Cynthia Walowski

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner

Cub Scout Roundtable Staff
Louis Drabek


Commissioner Resources

Uniform Inspection Sheet - Cub Scout/Webelos

Uniform Inspection Sheet - Female Leader

Uniform Inspection Sheet - Leaders

The Distinguished Commissioner Service Award

Roundtable/Huddle Staff Progress Record for the Scouter's Training Award

Roundtable/Huddle Commissioner Progress Record for the Arrowhead Honor/Commissioner Key

District and Assistant District Commissioner Progress Record for the Commissioner Key/Arrowhead Honor Award

Unit Commissioner Progress Record for the Commissioner Key/Arrowhead Honor Award

District & Ast. District Commissioner Progress Record Card



The Unit Commissioner Concept

 The Unit Commissioner is the liaison between the district and all Scouting units.  The Unit Commissioner is successful when units effectively deliver the ideals of Scouting to their members.


Unit Commissioners - What Are They?

RESPECTED mentors who share experiences with unit volunteers and leaders

EXPERIENCED men and women, trained in the art of adult Scouting

DEDICATED to the success of Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Varsity Teams, and Venturing Crews

COMMUNICATORS of good ideas and up-to-date information about all the Scouting programs

CONNECTORS between units to enable the sharing of experiences, adventures, successes, and challenges

COACHES of unit volunteers and leaders – who share insight from past experiences

PROBLEM SOLVERS when units run into tough challenges


Unit Commissioners - Why Be One

PRESTIGE & HONOR of providing service to Scouting units

FUN & SATISFACTION of developing new units and stimulating leadership growth and success

PERSONAL GROWTH from helping units overcome challenging times and continue to thrive

CONTINUED INVOLVEMENT in the Scouting program directly impacting youth and adult leaders Fellowship and Fun from working as a team with other commissioners and unit leaders

ON-GOING SERVICE to your community through Scouting

DELIVER the PROMISE of Scouting through quality programs in every unit


Unit Commissioners’ Vision


HELP FORM new Scouting units

HELP TRAIN/COACH new unit volunteers and leaders

HELP UNITS GROW the number of youth registered each year

HELP UNITS PLAN finance, and conduct the best quality Scouting program possible:

> Annual Plan
> Financial Plan
> Advancement Program
> Two-deep Adult Leadership

HELP UNITS EVALUATE year-to-year achievements

ASSURE that units provide Youth Protection Training on a regular basis

HELP UNITS CONDUCT successful Friends of Scouting campaigns and Popcorn Sales


The Unit Commissioner

BUILD relationships as a “friend of the unit,” getting to know the people and character of the Leadership Team

PROVIDE advice and connections to other units, District, Council, and National resources

INFORM others with up-to-date news from the District, Council, and National organizations

TRAIN new unit volunteers and leaders

STAFF special unit, District, and Council events

OFFER friendly and timely advice when challenges arise


Every Scouter – New & Experienced – Needs Resources


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