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District Management

District Management
Program Opportunties
Where To Go Camping
Where To Go Hiking
Where To Go Bicycling
Where to Go Fishing
Baseball Card Clubhouse
The Merit Badge Center
Commissioners Corner
Roundtable Corner
Kittan Chapter
District Training Corner
Health & Safety
Youth Protection Guidelines
BSA Online Learning Center
Scouting Forms
Eagle Scouts
District Award of Merit
Silver Beaver
Scout-Oriented Links


District Chairperson
Susan Castillo

District Commissioner
James Koziel
E-mail Here

District Executive
David Tafur
(312) 421 - 8800 ext. 246
E-mail Here

Membership Chairperson

Advancement Chairperson
Martin Gamon, Sr.

Training Chairperson

Finance Chairperson 
Joe Orlando

Public Relations/Marketing Chairperson

Field Director
Dwayne Hunter
(312) 421 - 8800 ext. 242

Support Service
Sandie Gromala
(312) 421 - 8800 ext. 255


Member's at Large
Martin Cabrera, Jr.
Susana Castillo
Amal Centers, Sr.
Joseph J. David
Randy V. Etapa
David Heidewald
Alyce Hempel
Lynda Jakubowski
Richard Jakubowski
James Koziel
Kathy Laiter
Edward Leahy
John Merkel
Maria Robles
Theresa Padecky
Rita Smock
Daniel C. Stegvilas, Sr.
George Vanderford, Jr.
Juan Carlos Velazquez
Danila Villegas
Thomas Vlach
Cynthia Walowski
Wayne Yates
Stanley Yuska


District Webmaster
Randy V. Etapa

District E-Group Editor
Randy V. Etapa

O/A Kittan Chapter Adviser
Daniel C. Stegvilas, Sr.

O/A Kittan Chapter Chief

District Popcorn Kernel
Lillian Robles

District Webelos-to-Scout Coordinator

District F.O.S. Chairperson

District Camping Chairperson 
Robert Alanis

District Program/Activity Chairperson 

District Scouting for Food Representative



Assistant District Commissioners
Daniel C. Stegvilas, Sr.

Unit Commissioners
Cynthia Walowski
Michael Castillo

Roundtable Commissioners
Boy Scout - Randy V. Etapa
Cub Scout - Pamela Castro

Roundtable Staff
Boy Scout - Michael Castillo
Cub Scout - Cynthia Walowski

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