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District Management
Program Opportunties
Where To Go Camping
Where To Go Hiking
Where To Go Bicycling
Where to Go Fishing
Baseball Card Clubhouse
The Merit Badge Center
Commissioners Corner
Roundtable Corner
Kittan Chapter
District Training Corner
Health & Safety
Youth Protection Guidelines
BSA Online Learning Center
Scouting Forms
Eagle Scouts
District Award of Merit
Silver Beaver
Scout-Oriented Links


 Miscellaneous Forms

Accident and Sickness Claim Form

Campership Application

Campfire Program planner

Medical Exam, Class 1 and 2

Medical Exam, Class 3

Directions to Hoover Forest Preserve

Local Tour Permit Application

Meeting Place Inspection Checklist

Merit Badge Checklist

Merit Badge Counselor Application

Merit Badge Counselor Orientation

Motor Vechicle Checklist

National Tour Permit Application

Transfer Form

Troop Meeting Planner

Uniform Inspection Sheet - Boy Scout/Varsity Scout

Uniform Inspection Sheet - Cub Scout/Webelos

Uniform Inspection Sheet - Leaders

Unit Advancement Report

Webelos Scout Troop Visit Checklist


Awards, Honors & Recognition

Progress Record for the Tiger Cub Den Leader Award

Progress Record for the Cub Scout Den Leader Award

Progress Record for the Webelos Den Leader Award

Progress Record for the Cubmaster Award

Progress Record for the Cub Scouter Award

Progress Record for the Boy Scout Leader's Training Award

Scoutmaster Progress Record for the Scoutmaster's Key

Varsity Scout Leader Progress for the Coach's Key and Varsity Scout Leader Training Award

Varsity Scout Leader Letter Scorecard

Venturing Leader Progress Record

Roundtable/Huddle Staff Progress Record for the Scouter's Training Award

Roundtable/Huddle Commissioner Progress Record for the Arrowhead Honor/Commissioner Key

District and Assistant District Commissioner Progress Record for the Commissioner Key/Arrowhead Honor Award

Unit Commissioner Progress Record for the Commissioner Key/Arrowhead Honor Award

Progress Record for the District Committee Key

Silver Beaver Nomination

District Award of Merit Nomination

Scoutmaster Award of Merit

Venturing Adviser Award of Merit

Veterans Award Application

Recommendation for Lifesaving or Meritorious Action Award


Owasippe Scout Reservation

Adventure Patrol Individual Checklist

Baden Powell Award - Inspection Sheet

Chief Owasippe - Promotion Poster 

Horse Back Riding - release form

Map of Owasippe

Michigan Youth Protection Form 

Owasippe Patch Order Form

Owasippe Trail System

Owasippe Unit Roster Form

Camp Staff Application

2008 Carlen Venture Base Registration Form

2008 Carlen Venture Base Flyer

2008 Manistee Quest Flyer

2008 Manistee Quest Payment Form

2008 Owasippe Final Payment Form

2008 Owasippe Payment Form

2008 Owasippe Reservation Form

2008 Reneker (family camp) Reservation Form

2008 Webelos Camp Final Payment Form

2008 Webelos Camp Flyer

2008 Webelos Camp Payment Form

2008 Merit Badges & Outpost Offered

2008 Leader Manual

2008 Camp Reneker "Family Camp" Handbook

2008 Camp Wolverine Handbook


Eagle Scouts

Alternate Eagle Scout Rank Merit Badges Application

Duplicate Eagle Scout & NESA Credentials

Eagle Scout Academics Scholarships

Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook

Eagle Scout Palms Application

Eagle Scout Rank Application

Hall/McElwain Merit Scholarships

NESA Membership Application

Spirit of the Eagle Award Application


Order of the Arrow

Broken Arrow Ceremony

Brotherhood Screening Application

Chapter Officer Nomination Form

Event Scholarship Fund Application Form

Hand of Service

Lodge Officer Nomination Form

O/A Basics

O/A Plan

O/A Purpose & Mission

2008 Owasippe Lodge Registration Form



Kayaking BSA

50 Miler Afoot/Afloat Award

Safe Swim Defense

Safety Afloat

Snorkeling BSA


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